I’m gonna sip juice and watch the SPG DVD like it’s 4th grade and I’m home sick from school. Can’t physically do much else. Which is sad because- Get most sick I have been in 4 years: Get super inspired artistically. *sad trombone*

So much love to you precious people.

  1. pantstrovich said: I can’t believe you’re still sick. Quit being sick. :(
  2. tamurila said: Love allways
  3. steam-calliope said: Uwahhhh feel better!!! Juice and fun DVDs are the best remedy @u@
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    pssst dixie did u know u inspire me
  5. csophelia said: No be sick! I genuinely hope you’re better as soon as possible!
  6. mamamura said: and even when sick you’re still amazingly precious aughhhh baby come here and let me make you hot soup u.u
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